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Doctors and hospitals are easy to find. Just eat and do whatever you want, and you will find one. They deffinitely have their place, however we believe in a more excellent way: prevention. To help you find us while traveling the information super highway I, Ed's son in law who is a strong believer in what Ed does, have written this short keyword loaded introduction. Please note that I built this website for Ed only because I am amazed at what he can do with ZYTO, and I see amazing results in peoples lives who see Ed! 


Introducing Ed Mikrut. Ed believes in holistic health, herbal medicines, homeopathy, homeopathic thinking, and homeopathy treatments. Ed does not run a natural health clinic, nor is he a homeopathic doctor, nor does he employ homeopathic doctors in the Franklin Tn area of Williamson County. He is not a natural health practitioner, a homeopathic physician--nor does he believe that the words homeopathic and medicine belong together; he moreso would endorse complementary and alternative medicine. After many years of study it is fair to say that he is a holistic health counselor--yet he still believes that a homeopathic is not a medication. Ed uses an incredible technology called ZYTO. ZYTO and Ed are an incredible combination. There are many real life testimonies on the "What We Do" page that will tell much more about what Ed does. I too am a BIG believer in what he does. I Found Ed by marrying his daughter, and I am VERY glad I did. You may have found him by searching keywords such as: holistic physicians, holistic practitioners, natural doctor, alternative medicine doctors, homeopathic drugs, holistic doctors, natural doctors, alternative doctors, homeopathy doctors, holistic health practioner, and holistic health coach. However you found him, I truly believe that you will be blessed. 


There are those who are naturopathic doctors and naturopathic physicians, and who do use homeopathy remedies in Franklin and Brentwood Tn. Ed has also helped many find relief from allergies, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cold and flu sickness, and much more. He supports the efforts of natural medicine doctors, and natural healing doctors. So please do yourself the favor of going to see Ed. He guarantees your first vist as being an eye opening experience. Please enjoy the rest of these keywords. doctor of naturopathic medicine, doctor of natural medicine, brentwood tn, or nashville tennessee, natural homeopathic, homeopathy dr, doctor naturopath, what is a homeopathic doctor, natural path doctor, homeopathy treatments, homeopathic treatment

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. Our products are for health maintenance only. Nothing in the information provided is intended to treat or cure disease or to replace conventional medical approaches.

Your First Appointment

Your health evaluation is totally non-invasive and is performed while discussing your health concerns during your appointment.

At your appointment we will provide you with information about your body, and we will make suggestions to help you balance your health. This is the first step in establishing a long term plan to maximize your health and wellness.


To get the most from your appointment it is important to know a few simple things:


1. Avoid using perfumes or fragrances during your appointment

2. It is helpful to be well hydrated prior to your appointment.

3. Bring with you any supplements and/or prescription drugs you are taking or considering taking.

4. Have in mind the top 2-3 stresses or health concerns you would like to address.

5. It is not necessary to fast or make any other special preparations for your appointment.  Eat or do what you ordinarily would do.

6. Be prepared to ask questions and learn as much as you can while at your appointment.

7. Since wellness is a process, follow-up appointments are very important.  With the exception of a minor cold or allergy, rarely does one visit fix everything.  We don’t get sick overnight and we typically do not get well overnight.  What you have done is begun a Wellness Journey that we hope will accomplish your health goals as soon as possible.  It will be an ongoing process throughout your life to maintain your health.  Taking proactive action in preventing disease is far better than dealing with disease after it is diagnosed and comes a problem.  Hence, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Be ready to do all you can to bring that about.  It is your body, your life, your future and today is the day to start!

8. We are searching for true wellness, causes and root problems.  Symptoms do give us some direction as to how we can help, but we always seek to find the underlying issue.  With ZYTO technology, it becomes very possible. 


Cancellations and re-scheduling appointments:  


We are happy to work around busy schedules.  Conflicts will certainly arise. That being said, we would appreciate a 24 hour notice to cancel or re-schedule appointments.  health and Wellness Solutions reserves the right to charge a $35 no-show fee/no notification fee to offset lost revenues due to failure to notify or failure to show up. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.