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Doctors and hospitals are easy to find. Just eat and do whatever you want, and you will find one. They deffinitely have their place, however we believe in a more excellent way: prevention. To help you find us while traveling the information super highway I, Ed's son in law who is a strong believer in what Ed does, have written this short keyword loaded introduction. Please note that I built this website for Ed only because I am amazed at what he can do with ZYTO, and I see amazing results in peoples lives who see Ed! 


Introducing Ed Mikrut. Ed believes in holistic health, herbal medicines, homeopathy, homeopathic thinking, and homeopathy treatments. Ed does not run a natural health clinic, nor is he a homeopathic doctor, nor does he employ homeopathic doctors in the Franklin Tn area of Williamson County. He is not a natural health practitioner, a homeopathic physician--nor does he believe that the words homeopathic and medicine belong together; he moreso would endorse complementary and alternative medicine. After many years of study it is fair to say that he is a holistic health counselor--yet he still believes that a homeopathic is not a medication. Ed uses an incredible technology called ZYTO. ZYTO and Ed are an incredible combination. There are many real life testimonies on the "What We Do" page that will tell much more about what Ed does. I too am a BIG believer in what he does. I Found Ed by marrying his daughter, and I am VERY glad I did. You may have found him by searching keywords such as: holistic physicians, holistic practitioners, natural doctor, alternative medicine doctors, homeopathic drugs, holistic doctors, natural doctors, alternative doctors, homeopathy doctors, holistic health practioner, and holistic health coach. However you found him, I truly believe that you will be blessed. 


There are those who are naturopathic doctors and naturopathic physicians, and who do use homeopathy remedies in Franklin and Brentwood Tn. Ed has also helped many find relief from allergies, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cold and flu sickness, and much more. He supports the efforts of natural medicine doctors, and natural healing doctors. So please do yourself the favor of going to see Ed. He guarantees your first vist as being an eye opening experience. Please enjoy the rest of these keywords. doctor of naturopathic medicine, doctor of natural medicine, brentwood tn, or nashville tennessee, natural homeopathic, homeopathy dr, doctor naturopath, what is a homeopathic doctor, natural path doctor, homeopathy treatments, homeopathic treatment

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. Our products are for health maintenance only. Nothing in the information provided is intended to treat or cure disease or to replace conventional medical approaches.

Health and Wellness Solutions, which has been in operation in Franklin, Tennessee, since 2007, offers natural remedies as an alternative to often costly and immunity-hindering pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible. Founder Edward Mikrut also offers guidance on health-promoting, pre-emptive lifestyle options—information that can profoundly empower your choices about nutrition and personal fitness. Maximize nutrition and positive lifestyle choices


Edward has spent much of his adult life exploring and examining the benefits of nutritional supplements. He considers it a both a privilege and a responsibility to pass along the results of his findings to others, making it easier for those who may still be learning about alternatives to pharmaceuticals and some minimally beneficial off-the-shelf supplements.


Your appointment with Edward always includes an opportunity to ask him about how to maximize your levels of wellness and immunity, and to discuss which supplements or other products may be best suited to your personal needs.




No guesswork, no referrals to specialists, no expensive and uncomfortable diagnostic tests—just the body’s own awareness instructing you what it needs in order to be restored to wellness.


The truth is, it can—the human body has an innate, or inborn, intelligence. It knows what’s wrong. All your body needs in order to share this valuable information is the means to communicate it. That is where we come in.

Hear What Others are Saying About Health & Wellness Solutions
Hormones, Thyroid, Allergies, & Arthritis Support

When I first starting seeing Ed Mikrut in April I was a basket case to say the least. Crying all the time and no energy. Hormones, Thyroid, allergies, RA, just to name a few of my health issues. Since then I have gotten my energy back, feeling much better and have a whole new outlook on life. Ed cares about each of his clients.  He is informative, cheerful and understanding and has helped me get my life back.  Words cannot express my gratitude towards him. I would highly recommend him.   


                        -T.G.  (College Grove, Tn.)


Sinus Infection Relief

I can’t claim to understand everything about the bio-feedback, but I absolutely believe that it works!  I am so grateful for Ed Mikrut and his knowledge of bio-feedback because he has helped my family tremendously. I have suffered from sinus infections my entire adult life and the last time I took Western medicine for one it took five rounds of antibiotics before the doctor could find one to work. After that I knew I had to find a better way. Ed and bio-feedback ARE the better way. I felt myself coming down with an infection and went straight to Ed’s office. After testing he found that indeed there was stress in my sinus area. Ed had me take a homeopathic remedy and my infection (and all the pain associated with it) was gone the very next day. I was beyond happy with the results!     


                              -W.G.  (Franklin, TN.) 


Flu Support

Our family, like so many other families, was hit with the terrible flu bug this year. I woke up on a Monday feeling perfectly healthy but by about four o’clock in the afternoon I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. I called Ed and he got me in to be tested immediately. The bio-feedback results found a stress in my body with an influenza virus. Ed gave me the remedy that I needed. I went home, went to bed, and woke up with absolutely no more achiness and no more fever. My head was still a bit congested that day, but after faithfully taking my remedy, I was completely well the following day. Other people I know had the same illness and were sick for two and three weeks. I feel so blessed to be able to go to Ed and have bio-feedback available to me.  


                             -Wendi (Franklin, TN.)


Vaccination Stresses

We are in the process of adopting a child and health evaluations are required for each member of the family so I took my two children in for a general physical. When we got to the doctor’s office I was told that both kids needed a vaccination and we proceeded to get those shots for them. A day or two later my son started feeling very sick. I took him to Ed for bio-feedback testing but I did not mention to Ed that the kids had been vaccinated. The testing immediately showed that a vaccine was causing stress in my son’s body. To my surprise, it identified exactly the vaccine that he had just received. In all honestly, that was quite shocking to me. I had no idea that the machine was capable of that. Ed was able to give my son what he needed to get his body healthy again.   


                 -Green Family (Franklin, TN)


Blood Pressure, Kidney, & Digestive Support

Over the past Christmas holiday, we had an opportunity to travel to Franklin, Tenn. to celebrate with family. While we were there, we had an opportunity to have a Bio Scan done by Ed that was truely amazing. Not only was it painless, but it was quick. It only took a matter of 4 to 5 minutes for the scan to take place but the information that it provided was truely amazing. It discovered Blood Pressure issues, and Kidney issues. I never told Ed I had these issues. It also detected digestive issues which I have been dealing with for a couple of years. Not only did it detect the problem, it provided the a pathway to solve these issues. The pathway is easy to travel and will be monitored. If you have an opportunity to see Ed, I surely recommend him.


                   -Thanks Skip D  (Moneta Va)

What if your body could tell you what is wrong with it? It can!

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Our Services:

  • High Blood Pressure Support

  • Digestive Issues

  • Vaccination Stress Support

  • Sinus Infection Relief

  • Viral Relief

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Organ Support

  • Wart Relief

  • Dental Support

  • Meridian Support

  • And Much More!

How Zyto Technology Works

Allergies & Natural Supplements

Herman and I have been going to Ed's for several years. He has tested us for allergies and other body functions.  I have not had an allergy pill in 2 years using his drops.  He now has a new method to scan the total body that us very accurate and he can tell you what natural supplements you might need.
                                                                                                                - Anita and Herman Caldwell


Gall Bladder Support

Without discussing any health issues prior to my visit - I was pleased and amazed with the results of the Zyto scan. I knew I'd been having issues, particularly with my gall bladder for quite a  years and had had the usual tests the doctors order only to show nothing. My symptoms were confirmed, actually off the chart. I now know what I can do to help remedy my problem through this technology and Ed's expertise and recommendations.

                                                                                                                     - Thank you Ed! Susan, VA



Muscle Testing Naturopathic Support

On the recommendation of my naturopath from back home, she told me to look for someone with a ZYTO machine since this would be most compatible with the type of muscle testing she had been doing on me.  I searched and found Ed Mikrut.  From the first meeting, I knew I'd found someone who would continue to assist me in my wellness journey... naturally.  


Ed is compassionate, he listens and he's knowledgeable.  The two way dialogue is extremely valuable in the testing process as this allows us to be able to uncover issues and find guide the types of tests for the ZYTO machine run and go from there.  And an important factor for me, he is on track with what I've known to be true - he speaks the same language of the naturopath that I saw for so many years, and trusted.  I'm grateful that I've met Ed, he continues to play an important role for my health goals.  

                                                                                                                               -  C. F. (Franklin, Tn)


Supplements, Essential Oils, and Allergy Support

I have been seeing Ed for several years and confidently recommend his wellness services. I am always amazed at how much his technology and expertise can uncover. He has given great advice about using supplements and  essential oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I especially recommend his help with sinus allergies. Like many others, I seem to be allergic to Middle Tennessee. The balancing effect of his remedies have made my "attacks" much less frequent and less severe. When I do have an attack, I immediately call Ed. I usually have relief within a day so I do not need to take pharmaceuticals. Thanks, Ed!

                                                                                                                   -  Diane (Middle Tennessee)


Zyto & Trustworthy Alternatives

I have to chime in here to say how much benefit my wife and I have gotten from Ed -- well,  all along, but especially with the new ZYTO system he's been using since this year. Ed, thanks for your commitment to wellness for all of us who are seeking trustworthy alternatives.

                                                                                                                   - Steve and Brenda Morley